Make your thesis meaningful

We will help you find a thesis topic with high potential to make the world a significantly better place.

You will likely invest hundreds of hours and huge effort in your final thesis. What about using this opportunity for something more than just “have it done” and choose a topic that will, on the top of gaining your diploma, help someone else? We have collected a list of topics from Effective charities and enterprises which deal with some of the most pressing global issues. These organisations will provide you with consultations to ensure highest possible quality and utility of your work.

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What they say about us...

Too many students write theses that achieve nothing other than meet the requirement for the degree they are seeking. When there are so many important questions, in a wide range of fields, that need to be answered, that's a terrible waste of time and intelligent, creative energy. The Effective Thesis Project is seeking to change that, and I hope it will.

Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne

The Effective Thesis project is a great way to make high-impact research areas more visible to university students...This would have an outsized social impact - especially because the Effective Thesis project has carefully selected its suggested topics based on cutting-edge research from the emerging field of global priorities research.

Max Daniel, executive director of the Foundational research institute


  1. After you choose your topic, click the "I want this topic" button and send us your information.
  2. We then ask you to write a research proposal describing how you would like to work on the topic. That should help you to start thinking about the topic more deeply and establish a plan to approach the topic. Based on this proposal we can also provide feedback in the early stages of working on the topic. If there are multiple candidates for one topic, it would also help us to choose which candidate to connect with the organization who created the topic. The proposal may involve a description of methodological approach as well as any specific ideas student already has about the topic. The more precise the description and argumentation, the better. It shouldn’t be longer than two A4 pages.
  3. After that, we connect you with the organization, send them your details and your proposal. You arrange regular consultations with them to ensure that your work is going in the right direction and to help you with some theoretical (and maybe even practical) uncertainties.
  4. At this point you should also start looking for a teacher at your course who will be your supervisor. It always helps if the mentor has deep understanding of the relevant topic, thus would provide insightful guidance.
  5. Thereafter, it's all up to you. We won't interfere in your communication with the organization, but if you need any help, we'll try to do our best. After you defend your thesis, we'll send you a few questions exploring your experience with this project and connection with the organization. With your permission, we'll also publish your thesis on our websites.