Finished theses

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Current debates about autonomous weapons tend to see a establishing a ban or developing regulations ...

This paper explores what kind of problems the international community will face in cooperating and ...

The initial research question was what the impact of normative uncertainty is on wild-animal suffering ...

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  • The expected value of the long-term future: the relevant tradeoffs between probabilities of utopia, dystopia, and existential disaster - Siebe Rozendal

  • Influence of movies on individual meat and dairy products consumption - Adéla Novotná

  • Managing Food Security in the wake of Global Population Growth and Climate Change - Fabio Rappenecker

  • Can the Collective Action Problem framework help us understand the lack of global coordination on Existential Risks? A comparative study with collective action failures and successes (provisional) - Miguel Gimeno Xipell

  • Exploring the interpretability of Deep Neural Networks using Information Theory - Jamie Bernardi

  • Influence of documentaries on individual meat consumption - Tereza Hacová

  • Modelling biological systems with dynamical systems and delay differential equations - Brian Treacy

  • Effect of global poverty reduction on wild-animal welfare - Tomáš Petr

  • Trade-offs between animal welfare and environmental impacts of given meat production systems and people's perceptions and preferences of those trade-offs - Jacob Schmiess

  • Assessing the effectiveness of virtual reality intervention in animal advocacy - David Radoň

  • Value Drift and its Risks in the Effective Altruism Community - Marisa Jurczyk

  • Policies for different nutrition - How can the state take influence on eating habits? - Adrian Schawalder

  • Towards a unified and improved understanding of mortality estimation for influenzae: Comparison of influenza-attributable mortality estimates using cause-specific and all-cause mortality data - Sebastian S. Sudergaard Schmidt

  • Understanding healthy and sustainable food systems change: an analysis of recommended policy interventions using a systems thinking framework - Luke Spajic