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Mission hedging

  • “Precisely define the concept of mission hedging, outline the areas where it might apply, and assess its importance.
  • What are the concrete implications of mission hedging? What activities would one undertake that would be different if one didn’t mission hedge?”

A research agenda for the Global Priorities Institute,

Why do we think this is important?

“For some strategies, there is covariance between the amount of resources you control and the cost-effectiveness of the opportunities you have available to you. Examples include earning to give by by founding an AI company if you are aiming to donate to AI safety and investing in oil companies if you are aiming to donate the returns of your investment to climate change mitigation efforts.”

A research agenda for the Global Priorities Institute,

Where to look next

Academic sources:

Tran, B. R. (2017). Divest, Disregard, or Double Down?. FEDS Working Paper No. 2017-042.

Existing discussion in the effective altruist community:

Hillebrandt, H. (2016). Can you have a social impact with Socially Responsible Investing? How cost-effective is Impact Investing compared to donating to effective charities?

Boghosian, K. (2017). Selecting investments based on covariance with the value of charities.

Relevant literature was adopted from A research agenda for the Global Priorities Institute,

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