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The Effective Thesis project aims to focus research on areas that have the potential to greatly improve the world. A lot of skilled and talented people at universities find themselves in a situation where they have to write a large final thesis (bachelor, diploma, Ph.D.) at least once during their studies. Many of them find it difficult to choose a topic and end up giving much time and effort into a paper that only serves as a means to get their degree, with almost no subsequent applications. But when there is so much energy invested in the thesis, why not choose a topic that will, on the top of gaining you a diploma, benefit and help someone else?

Our coaches have broad and deep overview of the most pressing global issues, so they can offer students topics tailored to their expertise and situation. When students choose one of our topics, we will also try to connect them with people both within academia and practice working on the same issue to ensure highest possible quality and utility of students’ work. Our project is based on perspective of Effective Altruism on how to make the most good and advice by 80000 hours on how to use your career to significantly improve the world.

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What they say about us...

Too many students write theses that achieve nothing other than meet the requirement for the degree they are seeking. When there are so many important questions, in a wide range of fields, that need to be answered, that's a terrible waste of time and intelligent, creative energy. The Effective Thesis Project is seeking to change that, and I hope it will.

Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne
The Effective Thesis project is a great way to make high-impact research areas more visible to university students...This would have an outsized social impact - especially because the Effective Thesis project has carefully selected its suggested topics based on cutting-edge research from the emerging field of global priorities research.

Max Daniel, executive director of the Foundational research institute