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There are several paths we think might be especially high impact in making the world a better place. Learn more here on why do we think so. If you would like to get more specific research topic suggestions in any of these paths, try our thesis topic coaching.

As a lawyer, you are probably well placed to get into government and policy or earn to give. Consider these options alongside with research paths mentioned below.

In research, we would generally recommend topics which are neglected by the market economy, such as:

Extinction risks (about)

Global development

How policy-making works - this falls into Improving institutional decision making (problem profile) (conference talk) (facebook group) - e.g. assessing influence that specific policies actually had (were there any prosecutions after the laws enabling prosecuting animal cruelty passed?)

Generally very promising fields:

  • Security and risk surveillance (read more 1, 2)
  • International relations, especially with China (read more)

Animal Welfare (problem profile, cause report) (facebook group 1, 2)

  • False advertising and animal agriculture - e.g. survey on what people actually think “natural” or “humane” means and what the courts have said about these kind of issues in the past
  • History of development of animal cruelty laws and how these laws were enforced
    - e.g. these laws are most often applied to pets, not farmed animals, there are very few cases when it was applied to farm animals - finding a way how to apply it to customary farming practices might be useful
  • Drafting the legislation for a specific political group (e.g. for the Netherlands" Party for the Animals)
  • Research about the right to rescue farm animals from extreme suffering

Topics which are also important but less recommended since they are market-driven and therefore less neglected:

  • Clean meat regulations (cause report) (podcasts 1, 2) - example topic 1, 2 - exploratory work (e.g. analysis of which state would be most favourable to incorporate clean meat company could still be valuable )
  • Autonomous vehicles regulations

Want to do research in one of these paths? Apply for our coaching and we will help you find a specific topic, connect you with researchers already working on these problems, make sure your work will be made use of or give you other support you need. Please also note that these paths seem promising if you want to improve the world via research, Advice on what are some non-research high impact positions in law can be found here or general career advice here.

Do you have a suggestion for similarly high or even higher impact path than those listed? Contact us