Thesis topic coaching

You will likely invest hundreds of hours and huge effort in your final thesis. What about using this opportunity for something more than just “have it done”? We will help you find a thesis topic with high potential to make the world a significantly better place.

How does it work?

One of our coaches will find a number of specific topics that best fit you based on the information you provide us with and that have high potential to significantly improve the world. We will take into account your interests, career plans, supervisor availability and course requirements to create best person-topic fit. If you won’t like any of them, you can specify what exactly are you looking for and we will try to find you better ones. We will not help you with thesis writing, but if you decide to choose one of these topics, we will try to connect you with external researcher or organisation working on the same problem. This service is free - we only want to direct students to topics which have high social impact and support research into these topics.

What does "high potential to significantly improve the world" means?

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