Finished theses

Beyond the Ban: a comprehensive approach to the governance of autonomous weapons

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The International Governance of Artificial Intelligence – Problems and Potential Solutions

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Normative uncertainty and wild-animal suffering

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The Effect Of Global Poverty Reduction On Wild Animal Welfare

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  • The expected value of the long-term future: the relevant tradeoffs between probabilities of utopia, dystopia, and existential disaster - Siebe Rozendal

  • Influence of movies on individual meat and dairy products consumption - Adéla Novotná

  • Managing Food Security in the wake of Global Population Growth and Climate Change - Fabio Rappenecker

  • Can the Collective Action Problem framework help us understand the lack of global coordination on Existential Risks? A comparative study with collective action failures and successes (provisional) - Miguel Gimeno Xipell

  • Exploring the interpretability of Deep Neural Networks using Information Theory - Jamie Bernardi

  • Influence of documentaries on individual meat consumption - Tereza Hacová

  • Modelling biological systems with dynamical systems and delay differential equations - Brian Treacy

  • Effect of global poverty reduction on wild-animal welfare - Tomáš Petr

  • Trade-offs between animal welfare and environmental impacts of given meat production systems and people's perceptions and preferences of those trade-offs - Jacob Schmiess

  • Value Drift and its Risks in the Effective Altruism Community - Marisa Jurczyk

  • Policies for different nutrition - How can the state take influence on eating habits? - Adrian Schawalder

  • Towards a unified and improved understanding of mortality estimation for influenzae: Comparison of influenza-attributable mortality estimates using cause-specific and all-cause mortality data - Sebastian S. Sudergaard Schmidt

  • Understanding healthy and sustainable food systems change: an analysis of recommended policy interventions using a systems thinking framework - Luke Spajic

  • The effect of early childhood economic shocks on adult psychology and welfare: Evidence from Indonesia - Duncan Webb

  • Initial food production scaling calculations for alternative foods (specifically big scale seaweed farming) - Aron Mill

  • Using labelling to improve transparency in animal production: a review of regulatory and consumer choice approaches in the European Union (EU) - Ruth Martin

  • Frontiers in Inverse Reinforcement Learning - Sayan Sarkar

  • Discovering immunological phenotypes associated with unannotated-ORF products in the human translatome - Joe Choo-Choy

  • Moral Uncertainty: Knowledge, Decision, and Deliberation - Riley Harris

  • Causes and Consequences of Farmer Suicide in India: Data analysis and policy recommendations - Esther Wenger

  • Carbon abatement with renewable energies in Germany - Johannes Lill

  • Non-additive approaches to moral reasoning, value and decision making (provisional) - James Hart

  • Cultivated meat: does the Chinese consumer have an appetite? - Chloe Dempsey

  • Do vegan claims on the product package impact their consumption by non-vegans in the European context? - Anita Jürson

  • An Analysis of Progress in Image Classification - Onni Arne